The Foundation aims to be the catalyst that enables the beneficiaries to realize strategic projects that meet community demand and assists in achieving the vision of long term viability of healthcare in Mansfield.

All funding decisions will be made taking into consideration the primary need to maintain the Harry & Clare Friday Foundation as a going concern.

The Foundation supports proposals that:

  • Are not eligible for government funding programs, or for funding sources other than philanthropy in the community such as State or Commonwealth Government.
  • Focus on programs that improve the health and well being of the community.
  • Have quantified a need and wish to explore a new approach to addressing that need.
  • Are sustainable in the long term.
  • Provide funding for major infrastructure upgrades on the Mansfield District Hospital, Bindaree Aged Care Hostel,  Buckland Nursing Home, Yooralla (Mansfield Campus) Beolite Village, Mansfield Autism Statewide Services and Ambulance Victoria (Mansfield) Facilities that are unable to attract alternative funding.
  • Provide staff with financial assistance to explore innovative opportunities that ensure long term benefits to the organization.
  • Support beneficiaries to achieve their strategic plan by providing capital funding for improvement and expansion of current or future projects.

The Foundation does not provide grants for:

  • Short falls or deficits in budgets for operating expenditure or core funding
  • Unspecified donations.
  • The Foundation is also prepared to support community groups by way of seed funding or matching funding when the target of the fundraising is consistent with the objectives outlined above.

Application Response

All applications will be responded to in writing and will contain a full outline of the Trustee Decision.

All funding applications will be communicated directly to the management of the nominated beneficiary.

Download a copy of these Funding Guidelines

Please send the completed Funding application form with contact details to:

Harry & Clare Friday Foundation
PO Box 85
Jamieson Victoria 3723